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We bring emergency support to refugees around the world to help with their most basic needs in time of crisis: food, clothing and shelter.


Our group is entirely made of volunteers from the UK, intent on making the most impact from our modest contribution. We want to raise awareness of the refugee issue, and thanks to your donations, bring help directly to those who need it most.


Insaaf started as an informal group of friends in December 2015, right in the middle of the Syrian refugee crisis in Europe. As images of thousands of refugees crossing the sea and trekking across Europe were mass broadcast on TV and in newspapers, we had to act and do something about it. Thanks to friends, colleagues and family, we raised £6000 in three weeks to fund a first convoy to the refugee camp of Dunkirk in France, where over a thousand people lived in dire conditions in the middle of winter. We brought them tents, firewood, warm boots and other much needed essentials.


Since then, Insaaf has grown and is now a Registered Charity. We have travelled back to France on many occasions and much further afield to places in Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, and Bangladesh, supporting Syrian and Rohingya refugees.

We have learned more about the people who had to leave everything behind and have heard their stories. With your help we want to continue going to them with whatever help and comfort we can offer. It is our duty, their right.

Insaaf انصاف

(n.) Equality of rights; natural justice or right; the giving, or desiring to give, to each man his due, according to reason; giving back to someone their due rights; justice and fairness.

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We can provide a detail report of everything we buy with your donations. Transparency and trust are really important for us and we feel  accountable for your money.


We don’t use your donations for admin fees or travel expenses. Every penny is used solely for the refugees and we cover our travel and personal expenses ourselves.

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